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La Boutik Virtuelle’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by helping them to strengthen their emotional connections with others.  We believe that every day is a perfect day to brighten a life, express love, celebrate a milestone event, say thanks, motivate, encourage, share empathy and to just say simply “I am thinking of you” or “Have a great day”.

Send our cards and spread appreciation, inexpensively, to a larger number of people, as often as you wish !  Our Ecards allow you to send a  personalize greeting to leave a lasting impression, anytime and anywhere.  Our “Print-at-Home” cards allow you to download and print a card.  Economical, they are easy to use in a few clicks, in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you choose to be!.

Our products and services

An annual subscription provides you with the following services:
• Follow the sending and receiving of ecards in real time
• Program in advance the sending of ecards
• Maintain an address book with a contact list
• Conveniently manage your personal account information.

Our promises

Flawless service

We are committed to continually improving ourselves to meet this goal. We do this by setting the highest standards of quality and excellence in all we do.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since we promise to serve you flawlessly, we offer a guarantee of satisfaction.

Quality and selection

La Boutik Virtuelle offers a range of superior products. With our ever growing inventory, our cards are designed to remain trendy and fresh.  Our passion is to provide a complete and diverse collection of unique cards.  Creativity is in our DNA.

Easy, convenient and safe

We welcome you to a secure and easy-to-navigate site with the aim of letting you find everything you are looking for in a few clicks.  Evolving with the aim to better serve you, our web-based platform is accessible from anywhere you can find an Internet connection, and in multiple formats, computers, smart phones and tablets. We are constantly looking for new sophisticated features that could further improve your online shopping experience.

Local content and Sustainable development

We seek to maximize local content in the design of our cards.  Our Galerie d’Art provides a unique platform for visual and musical artists to share their talents with our suscribers.  We support the local community through different charitable events.  Our cards are environmentally-friendly.