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Terms and conditions of our gift cards:

  • * You can purchase a gift card for immediately delivery or for a later scheduled date
  • * Our gift cards are accepted only on the site
  • * Our gift cards are in Canadian dollars
  • * A gift card code is the 16-digit number located at the front of the gift card
  • * Gift cards cannot be redeemed for other gift card purchases
  • * Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash
  • * Lost gift cards will be replaced with acceptable proof of purchase
  • * Gift cards purchased on the English site will be in English and those
  •    purchased on the French site will be in French

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions, via  “FAQ” located at the top of our Web site, for matters pertaining to our gift cards or use “Contact Us” at the top of our Web site if you have additional questions.


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